Fan Thrown Out for Poking Legendary Diva, Diana Ross

The legendary Diana Ross has a reputation for being a glamorous Diva. The 75-year-old icon of music and film did not disappoint as she recently took to the stage for a performance to launch the new Ian Schrager Edition Hotel in Time Square. It was a star-studded event at the hotel's Paradise Club where Diana surprised the crowd with a midnight performance of her biggest hits. As expected, the room was full of beautiful people, mostly A-listers, but there was also one unfortunate D-Lister (D for DRUNK!)

According to witnesses, an unknown patron was so smashed, he pushed himself to the front of the stage and made his way directly to Miss Ross, where he 'reached out and touched,' – but not somebody's hand. No, instead, the boozed-up bold one dared to approach Miss Ross, mid-song, and began to poke her in the stomach with his index finger (although Wendy Williams seems to think he poked her a little bit lower!) Yikes!

Diana Ross, ever the consummate professional, tried to ignore the brazen interrupter, ultimately shooing then pushing his hand away and scolding him with the no-no finger. The loud and unruly patron responded by flipping Miss Ross the bird!  STOP in the name of security!  At that point, she had finally had it with this man, and he was thrown out from the venue.

As yet the guy's identity is unknown, but this was a celebrity-packed, high-profile event and Ian Schrager himself, one of the most world-renowned hoteliers was in attendance. According to Page Six, a scan of the crowd revealed, "top models Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Hailey Bieber, who appeared at the hotel’s Terrace Restaurant — and we hear their appearances came with a hefty payout."

Unnamed sources revealed to Page Six that some of the celebs in the audience "were each paid a significant amount,” starting possibly from $250,000. As for the models – some of their fees went all the way up to $2 million. With that kind of clientele, you'd think they would have had better control of that guest list, keeping out people like the drunken tummy poker who even at one point attempted to push Miss Ross and swiped at her tulle boa. Mmmm, come to think of it, I wonder if it might have been Mary Wilson in disguise?  You know they have issues.

As the saying goes, in life there are two things you will always know to exist, and that's death and taxes. But honey, I'm going to add a third item to that list - death, taxes, and keep your hands of Miss Ross!  It's a rule to live by and its somewhat of a health warning because not only does she obviously have security at her shows, but very often, all, and I mean ALL of her kids and grandkids are in the audience. So if you touch Miss Ross uninvited in front of her family, oh honey, you will hear a symphony alright –a symphony of them Ross-Family hands whooping that a**. 

Diana Ross may be a diva but don't you ever forget; she's also somebody's mama – and she's from the Brewster-Douglas projects in Detroit, which means despite all the glitz and glamour, at the end of the day ... she don't play!

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