Is Netflix Sponsoring Gay Love & Positivity With It's Reality Programming?

It looks like reality tv is making a positive change, and LGBTQ people are standing at the front of the crusade.

In the past year or two, reality television (and streaming) has started to reject the negative and salacious reality tv programming of the 2000s and early 2010s. With shows like Tidying Up With Marie Kondo becoming recent hits, there has been an ongoing influx of positive reality shows to combat the hypersexualized and overly aggressive ones. We don’t even have to name a list for the latter, there are plenty of examples out there.

But there are two curious facts buried underneath this already wonderful occurrence, that Netflix is spearheading this positive reality campaign and that LGBTQ people are doing their part.

While channels like VH1 and MTV continue to produce the toxic and salacious programming that makes all of us groan (though, some of us still watch in private), Netflix seems to be collecting a hoard of positive alternatives.

Not only does the streaming channel offer competition shows like Nailed It, but it also shares uplifting series like Queer Eye and Dating Around.

In addition, the platform has gained the streaming rights to several international series like The Great British Bake Off and Terrace House. The latter of which included a houseguest who explored and confirmed his bisexuality while under the share house program.

With that, there’s also a complex diversity among the LGBTQ stories shared on these programs. From 5 queer men traveling the U.S. to change and better citizens’ live, like with one lesbian woman and one trans man, to same-sex couples being aided by a Japanese organizing consultant.

From a gay man going on several blind dates, to another gay man hilariously failing at baking a cake. Every situation and person is different and is still included in this wave of positive television.

Even better, all of this is done with almost no commentary on the fact that LGBTQ people are queer. For instance, gay contestants on The Great British Bake Off will occasionally mention the fact that they have a wife or husband with the same nonchalance as their straight peers. It’s never made out to be a big deal. It just is, and that’s amazing.

It seems that there’s a growing trend of positive and carefree reality programing to combat the negative ones that have been a staple for 10+ years. As more of these happy programs cover our screens, it looks like LGBTQ people will appear with them. And that’s pretty great.

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