NIKO Serves Up Romance, Love & Lust In New EP 'RMNC 21'

Out recording artist NIKO releases his first EP titled, RMNC 21.

The handsome singer/songwriter has previously dropped two singles in advance of the EP - the romantic synth-pop track, “The One,” and his sensual modern take on the iconic 60s track, “Light My Fire.”

Born and raised in Milan, NIKO's earliest musical endeavors began as creative collaborations with underground DJs as a songwriter and vocalist inspired by pop icons like Janet Jackson, George Michael and Madonna.

He's since worked in London, New York City and Los Angeles crafting his own contemporary take on pop music with Euro influences and honing his production skills.

The result is a sensual soundscape that encompasses both the universal and the personal - love, sex, and complicated emotional bonds.

In reviewing NIKO's "Light My Fire," Billboard Pride contributor Jon ALi  compared NIKO’s muscular vocals to a young George Michael with “a romantic and sensual vocal delivery.”

NIKO says the new collection of songs “tells a story of romance, love and lust with pop melodies and dance beats.”

"The fil rouge of RMNC 21 is romance, and the implications of love and lust,” he explains. “All songs explore different aspects of relationships in the 21st century: from mutual attraction to online dating, seduction, and cheating, I tried to paint a picture based on my own experiences and fantasies.”

Check out the new EP, RMNC 21, below.

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