When A Thursday Night On The Town Kicks Off With Hot Wet Men Disrobing, You Know You're In Fort Lauderdale.

We'd like to welcome the newest venue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where you can see hot men all wet, shirtless, and ready to please you.  Did that sound too sultry?  Well, too bad for it was a highly erogenous night at the B Ocean Hotel & Resort, located right on Fort Lauderdale Beach. 

Let's pause for a moment.  I moved to Fort Lauderdale back in 2013 and immediately heard of the B Ocean Hotel and Resort and its Wreck Bar Mermaid show.  I of course went, remembered the bar from the movie Analyze This, and watched the women work their bodies and magic in the water for they were talented beyond belief, but I left desiring to see a man in that water.  If I could see a man doing what those women were doing in that pool, I'm so in!

And we at Instinct Magazine have had a love affair in covering men of the sea. Here's just a few posts where we got our fins wet.

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I had been in touch with the B Ocean Hotel off and on, looking to explore and highlight one of the larger resorts/hotels that is LGBT friendly and on the beach and not a men's resort. I had known that they had done several same-sex weddings int he past, been great sponsors of Pride events and many other community activities.  They are also one of the very few resorts right on the beach, without needing to cross A1A.  How can you beat that!

Well, they found a way to up the ante. AQUAMEN.

Now looking at Instinct's previous posts on the subject of mermen didn't really didn't help because as I was to find out, these would be AQUAMEN, more like Aquaman himself, and not like a male version fo a mermaid.  No mermen here, just hot talented specimens. 

I arrived early at the Wreck Bar and sat down to enjoy a free Prosecco, some food, and maybe another drink or two before the show.  As I was finishing up my meal, I was escorted out of the bar and into the lobby.  The show hadn't even started and I was kicked out? 

Not true. Instead of being set free, I was thrown into a sea of well dressed smiling men. I was unexpected given a chance to meet the men before the show. Well, I think my grin went around to the back of my head as I was able to ask these men anything,  I kept it semi professional, but it was hard when you're surrounded by such bounty. 

Six men were selected to become the AQUAMEN, an all make version of MeduSirena's Live Mermaid Show that has multiple shows throughout the weekend. Only one show exists currently with the men getting drenched and that is on Thursday nights at 9. 

Marina Anderson, the show's producer was there to answer questions, too (she is heard opening the show in the video below).   I learned that it was not all about who could hold their breath the longest, but it's about using your breath control, movements, and personalities underwater.  Combining those and a love of the water, it was evident that these men were tickled pink to have this as their extra job.  There's a school teacher, a shark diver, two ocean rescue swimmers, and two Polynesian dancers (see photos & bios below).  They'll rotate so only 4 will perform in a show on Thursday nights, but all were there this opening night.

You know when guys get excited for a game that they know they're going to excel at and win or at least have too much fun trying?  That's what these boys, excuse me, AQUAMEN emitted.  You know the guys that are overly attractive and the over confidence just turns you off? They were not putting that off at all and I think that made me enjoy the time before the show with them AND the show itself. 

Yes, some of these men swim professionally and others have swam for years on team sports, but as Marina mentioned and the men reiterated, this is very different than anything they had ever done before. I loved feeling the motherly vibe coming off of Marina, but I also felt that there was power in her presence and a great deal of respect coming from the men. 

The smiling faces reiterated that they would not be mermen in fish tails but would be more like the Atlantians in Aquaman and would have some fun while swimming, doing little skit-like interactions, personal fun characters, and ... well then they said I would have to wait and see what they were talking about. 

Okay, Adam, get to the wet men!  I will, but as stated, getting to know these guys 1 on 6 (I think there's an adult movie joke there somewhere) it made the show that more engaging, memorable, hot, and ... *fans self while typing*... yeah.

I went back to the bar, grabbed another specialty drink, propped my phone up against my water glass ready to record, and waited for the show to begin. Taking some of the video I shot as well as some quick pics, I compiled and cropped some fun shots and scenes. Remember, there were 6 men on the squad, but only 4 would perform.  I would not capture all of the activity in the pool as my phone recorded just one window, but the men were great in spreading themselves out in front of the port hole windows that opened into the Wreck Bar from the hotel pool. Enough already, here are the AQUAMEN in action.

UPDATE! I had to redo the video since the show used Sexy Back, I'm Your Boogie Man, Strike It Up, and more copyrighted songs.  They were all upbeat, fun, sexy songs, but YouTube said no.  I turned to my OER collection and added a couple of songs that made the performance a little more sexy, sultry, but you do miss out on the screaming, hollering, whistling, and so on, but the point still gets across.

I'm definitely going again, bringing a friend or 3 and enjoy a Thursday night out on the beach at the B Ocean Hotel.  Maybe I'll see you there. 

Thanks again guys for humoring this homosexual.  You were great. See you soon.


Underwater Burlesque Show

Join MeduSirena’s Aquanauts starring in the new AQUAMEN, Underwater Burlesque Show for an evening of unique performances and music by DJ Kenny at The World-Famous Wreck Bar.

The weekly show will be featured on Thursday's at 9PM with drink and food specials starting at 6PM.

6PM – 7PM complimentary Prosecco

7PM – 8PM $7 Prosecco, Merman Mules (Absolut Elyx + Fresh Lime + Ginger Beer) and Siren Soda (Malibu Rum + Absolut Lime + Coconut Water + Splash of Club Soda)

8PM – 9PM $8 Prosecco, Merman Mules, and Siren Soda Cocktails

Reservations required and there's no cover. For reservations and more information about expectations, parking, and attendance, please call 954-245-3836 or email us at restaurant.reservations@boceanfortlauderdale.com



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